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I began researching family histories in 1998 – and today, my enthusiasm for finding people, places, and stories is just as passionate.  Whether it’s discovering an entire tree, a bough, a small branch, a little twig or an emerging leaf bud; each and every fact or record uncovered gives me a sense of empathy with that person and their family.  My own family tree has revealed so much about how my ancestors lived and worked.  It has uncovered the good; the bad; and the ugly – which inevitably includes the occasional skeleton in the cupboard! 

Life events should be recorded for future generations, because without knowing where we came from, how can we better see where we go in life?  Whether you have a challenging brick wall or just looking for more branches or even an entire tree, I would be delighted to help you in your quest and acquaint you with your ancestors.

Sue Baillie

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