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Ann LAMBERT 1823-1894


Ann was the daughter of John and Elizabeth LAMBERT. John was a plumber & glazier and Elizabeth was a dressmaker. 

Ann was born in 1823 in Brenchley Village, Kent and was baptised on 4 August 1823 at the Parish Church.


In the 1841 census, Ann was still in Brenchley Village, living with her siblings Elizabeth, Jarvis, Hannah, Harriet and



Between 1841 and the end of 1844 Ann had met Charles Lambert CHAINEY who was born in Staplehurst, Kent and made a living as

a journeyman baker.  Although he was living in Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell during this time, it was common for tradesmen to

move from village to village to find work, and as Charles was born in Kent it is not surprising that he also worked in Brenchley.


On 1st December 1844 Charles and Ann married in St Marks Church, Myddleton Square, Clerkenwell.  Marriage Witnesses were

Job BARRETT and Charlotte LAMBERT.


Dec 1845 their first child, Betsy, was born in Clerkenwell but sadly died very soon afterwards.  Betsy was buried at the

New Bunhill Fields Non-Conformist Burial Ground, Islington.


On 5th December 1846 Ann gave birth to a healthy baby girl who they named Harriott.  Harriott later married

Daniel Arthur BLOTT whose case study can be found on this website.


On 15th October 1848 Ann gave birth to another baby girl, Margaret.  Tragically she was born with multiple disabilities and

needed constant care.  Ann and Charles, against advice from family and friends to put Margaret into an institution,

resolved to keep the baby with them and give her the best they could offer.  There is also a case study for Margaret on this website.


The 1851 Census shows the family still living at 45 Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell and on 18th October of this year Ann gave

birth to her third daughter, Caroline.  But more tragedy struck the family when baby Caroline contracted pleural-pneumonia

and died on 2nd April 1853 aged just 18 months.  Caroline was buried on 10th April 1853 at the New Bunhill Fields Non-

Conformist Burial Ground, Islington, where her little sister Betsy was also laid to rest.


On 29th December 1852 Ann gave birth to her fourth daughter, Anne Maria – thankfully born fit and healthy.  Anne Maria was

just three months old when her sister Caroline died.


5th March 1860 Ann’s first son, Walter Jesse was born.  The family had moved to number 5 Thurlow Place, Walworth.  Jesse, a

Journeyman Bootmaker, only lived to the age of 24 years.  He died on 31st March 1884 at St Saviours Union Infirmary,

Walworth of Phthisis (TB) – but not before marrying Mary Smith LANE in 1880 whose sad case study can also be found on this



By the time of the 1881 Census Ann and Charles had moved to 85 South Street, Walworth together with daughter Margaret, son

Walter and his wife Mary.


1884 was a devastating time for Ann and Mary.  Ann’s husband Charles CHAINEY died of Paralysis (9 days) on 13th January. 

Barely 2 months had passed when her son, and Mary’s husband, Walter Jesse CHAINEY died on 31st March (see above).  Ann was

the sole beneficiary to husband Charles' personal estate of £498.00 (RPI today £38,500).


The two widows continued to live together at South Street, managing to look after Ann’s disabled daughter Margaret and

Mary’s young son Joseph.  Mary continued to work as a domestic servant, but this meant that Ann spent most of her time

trying to care for the children.


At the time of the 1891 Census Ann was living at 85 Villa Street, Walworth with her widowed daughter Anne Maria PHELPS. 

Ann’s daughter Margaret was listed in 1891 as an inmate at the Darenth Asylum, Dartford, Kent. (Margaret’s case

study is also on this website).


On 23rd January 1894 at 85 Villa Street, Walworth Ann died of Senile Decay, Bronchitis, and Heart Failure. 

Probate for 14.6.1897: states: effects of £14.2s.4d (RPI in 2015 = £1,440.00) to daughter Harriott BLOTT.

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