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Think you’ve hit the jackpot using a 14-day free trial offer from online genealogy sites?

Think you’ve found all your ancestors in one place?

Have you put your faith in a stranger to provide the correct data in their online family tree?

Is 14 days long enough to understand how to effectively utilise these search engines?

Taking information from another person’s online family tree does not ensure you have connected with the ancestor you are searching for.  It is not sufficient to recognise a name and year of birth and then assume this must be your relative.  To rely on data from a person you probably don’t know can be misleading - you always need to look at other sources that can verify the information.

As with any kind of research, it is imperative to find supporting data from more than one source in order to verify its authenticity.

It is the same with family history research.  One source is not enough to be sure you have the correct person in order to progress further.  Relying on unverified information could lead to following the wrong family member.  If this happens then your hard work, time and money is wasted. More to the point, your ‘ancestors’ are not genuinely your relatives because you’ve been barking up the wrong family tree!

Equally, a family ‘story’ given to you by an elderly relative may (unwittingly) not be totally true; memories get fuzzy; first names can be a family nickname - so you must always verify the story with facts obtained by further research.  Anecdotal information can be useful in research but it should only be recognised as a hint or a clue rather than something which actually happened.

Sometimes you can look through your information and simply have a little ‘niggle’ about that particular person, but everything else seems to fit in – or does it?  Are you sure that your family tree is accurate or even complete?

By using my Verification Service, with extensive access to numerous sources and millions of records, I can verify your family tree for £25 inclusive.  I can also supply two copies of your verified tree printed on A3 parchment for an additional cost of £20 plus P&P.

If you're in doubt give me a call on 01425 621889 or use the contact form – my advice is always free!

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